How much would a 1903 $5 gold liberty coin be worth?

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Daintysocialite asked:

I have a 1903 gold 5 dollar liberty coin and I was wondering what the value might be. It appears to be in very good shape. It has the liberty lady on the front and an eagle on the back.There are not any coin appraisal places in the town where I live, so any information would be helpful.

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  1. telovelace says:

    A coin dealer will give you $150-200 depending on the condition. You will get a little more by selling it on ebay.

  2. Taiping says:

    There are 2 1903 half eagles, one is just dated 1903 the other is a 1903-S, there is an S below the eagle. The S stands for the San Francisco mint. Both are priced the same but the one with out the S is scarcer. In grade very fine the value is $155 and as the grades get higher it’s value in Mint state 60 is $185. The above values are about what a dealer would pay.

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